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The Art of Bruce André

Bruce Andre

Born in 1946 to Norwegian/Belgian stock, Bruce's roots run deep in agriculture. After immigrating from Norway, his ancestors settled on the fertile soils of central Iowa and began farming-and the family still farms there today. His folks packed up in 1955 and headed west. As they passed through Arizone, Bruce felt it would someday be his home, as at only 9 years old he'd been reading of cowboys, mountain men and Apaches Wars of the region and felt an extreme closeness to the history there--it just took another 20 years to move there on his own.

He went through college a couple of times, and managed a Black Angus ranch in Northern California before coming to the Arizona/Mexican border in 1976. While working as a Wildlife Biologist, he began day working on several cattle ranches along the Mexican border before going into the cattle business full time in 1980. He worked his way up to manager, and ran a large cattle and horse operation until 2001, when he bgan painting and sculpting the life he'd lived since the late 60's.

Enjoying a deep passion for the wild places of the West and its amazing history. Bruce spends all his spare time exploring the "areas past the ends of the roads"-riding, hiking and searching out the sites of the Apache Wars, early mountain men, and pioneering cattlemen.

He is attempting with his art to bring a different perspective to western contemporary art--a perspective that comes from living the life he portrays. He believes in the future of the cattle industry as a vital part of the American experienceand hopes to continue to contribute to that future.


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